Geological Consulting
Ozone Geoscience provides tailor-made consulting services across the full geological spectrum: We engage high calibre Senior Geological Consultants and use our on-going international affiliations to help support our team providing unique geological solutions anywhere in Nigeria. Client requests are handled fast and with the topmost of confidentiality.
• Search
• Scoping Studies/Reconnaissance
• Pre-feasibility Studies
• Feasibility Studies
• Tenement Management

Ozone Geoscience is poised to offer useful technical advice and documentation to clients on licensing, quarterly reporting, Minimium work programme, progress reporting, Public reporting etc.
We understand that everything in this industry happens fast and we take care of urgent requests: your business is in safe hands.
• Sampling Programmes
• Property Appraisal and Evaluation
• Reporting exploration results
• Resource & Reserve Reporting
• Resource & Reserve Estimation

Geophysical Consulting
Geophysical surveys are an extremely helpful tool for identifying areas of high exploration potential so that work programmes can be prioritised. Our experts interprets regional geophysical and satellite data and provides reports on targets, intrusion detections, structural interpretations and alteration maps.

Generation of a structural interpretation for a prospective area is a crucial part of the exploration process because almost all mineral deposits exhibit some degree of structural control. Using a proprietary edge‐detection filter we can develop a synthetic structure map using existing geophysical data. Results are a measure of asymmetry regardless of amplitude meaning that structures in areas of low contrast are highlighted just as well as those in areas of high contrast as long as the frequencies are present. One aspect of the design that makes the structure detection more versatile than other edge detection filters is that it works by determining asymmetry in various orientations. This allows us to quantify the major structural orientations in an area. It also lets us highlight features of certain orientations or that are parallel or perpendicular/oblique to a feature of interest.
 Electromagnetic Survey
 Magnetic Survey
 Gravity Survey
 Electrical Resistivity/IP
 Seismic Survey
 Radiometric survey
 Seismic Survey

Geochemical Consulting
Geochemistry is now used in virtually every exploration program, not only to determine the grade and concentration of the material to be mined. Exploration geochemistry has evolved from its early origins in assaying, to using the chemistry of geologic environment to locate economic mineral deposit.

Geochemical resource exploration is based on identifying anomalies in area; keeping in mind that the difference between the concentration an economic deposit is often more than 10-times higher than the average concentration of the same element in a given area. Geochemical mapping has played important in identifying areas that may contain concealed resources.
Ideally, geochemical exploration is carried out in several phases, starting with a maximum surface area and low sampling density. The results of the first stage of sample will determine whether sampling proceeds to the next stage. If the results were promising, in the next phase, sample areas are considerably reduced, and the sampling density is correspondingly higher. A third stage may also be entered, where surface area and sample spacing change accordingly.

The choice of the sampling medium may change as the sampling density increases; Stream sediments, soil (instu, sprolite, lag) sampling, rock (bedrock, chip), Termite mound, vegetation, water sampling are among the choices for various stages of geochemical prospecting.
Follow-up sampling
– Regional scale
– Local scale
Geochemical Analysis
Interpretation & Reporting

Exploration Drilling & Water Borehole
The drilling industry is constantly evolving and in order to secure involvement, extraordinary commitment is required.
We will not merely be involved. Our aim is to lead by virtue of an ever refined level of mineral exploratory drilling and geotechnical drilling services.

Before getting started for water drilling;
Before you engage a water driller, consider the following questions:
• How much and what water quality do I need?
• What supply and water quality can be expected?
• What depth will the bore need to go to?
• How much will it cost?
• What type of drilling rig will be needed?
• Where is the best bore site on my property?
• Do I need a permit to drill a bore?
• Do I need a license to take water?
• How should the bore be designed?
At Ozone Geoscience & Mining Exploration we provide answers and solutions to the above questions. We provide solutions for rural water supply for homes and agricultural uses.

Geosciences Training
We provide on/off field technical training on all our core areas of operations.
• Geology
• Geophysics
• Geochemistry
• Data Management
– Analysis
– Interpretation
– Integration
• Drilling
• Resource/Reserve evaluation
• Resource/Reserve Estimate
• Reporting

(Geographic Information Service) GIS
• Maping, Digitizing, Cross-Sections
• Map projections and coordinate conversions
• Geoprocessing
• Spatial data analysis
• Geostatistical data analysis
• 3D visualization & Modelling
• Three-Dimensional Diagrams
• Volumetric Computations
Modernization & Data Management
• Convert paper to digital, raster to vector
• Merge assorted data into central database
• File format conversions
• Exploration and analysis of diverse datasets