Project design

We plan and advise companies in the development, evaluation and implementation of mineral exploration strategies, programs and projects, in both brownfield (near-mine, mature districts) and in greenfield (grass roots, immature regions) contexts.

Designing exploration projects is all about understanding the logistical conditions and finding a suitable balance between the available budget, available time and desired outcomes. Things don’t always go as they are planned in the field, especially in those tricky remote locations and putting sound contingencies in place to safeguard the deliverables is not always easy.

We have designed, planned, executed and reported substantial exploration programmes throughout Nigeria. These have included green fields mapping geophysical and geochemical sampling programmes, scout drilling and full regional exploration drilling programmes. Often, smaller companies may not have the technical staff in-house to carry out its intended exploration programmes. We have relevant experience with most mineral commodities in Nigeria and mineralization styles and have run these kinds of programmes in various mining districts in Nigeria.

Campaign-style, success-driven or otherwise, we can design any exploration programme to suit your requirements.
For all our full project management work we pride ourselves on our communication of progress, results and expenditure. We provide daily one-page reports with up-to-date sampling or drilling and safety information, and weekly technical reports with sections and maps showing the progress and most important findings to date. We track budget versus expenditure on a weekly basis to make sure that as a client, you are always up to date.