Field equipment and tools can be found here with the majority of the items being for geological purposes as well as equipment which can be utilised for forrestry, surveying, land remediation, quarrying and mining and much more. Our range of equipment and tools are of the highest standard, manufactured by some of the most well known brands from around the world. We can supply goods including compass clinometers, waterproof note pads, rock hammers, core boxes, sampling bags and much more.
Mineral Exploration Equipment
Mineral exploration & surveying is as big as ever now, with much field work being performed in developing countries & remote areas. The demand for raw materials & ore has increased in recent years, as has the scale of operations which undertake the task of extracting such material. For those who work in this industry, this section contains tools & equipment which are specific for mineral exploration geologists, miners, surveyors & large scale researchers.

Geological/Geochemical tools & equipment
Geological sieves are used for the estimation, analysis and sorting of sedimentary particles. All sediments, including, sand, soil, gravel etc. are composed of numerous grains. Calibrated sieves (sieves made to an internationally accepted scientific standard) each have a range of mesh sizes, when stacked on top of each other, the particles drop through the mesh with the larges ones being caught above the mesh, thus sorting the particles by size. All of our sieves meet ISO standards

Tools & Equipments

Metal & Plastic Core Boxes



Handheld GPS

Flagging Tapes