Exploration Drilling & Water Borehole
The drilling industry is constantly evolving and in order to secure involvement, extraordinary commitment is required.
We will not merely be involved. Our aim is to lead by virtue of an ever refined level of mineral exploratory drilling and geotechnical drilling services.

Before getting started for water drilling;
Before you engage a water driller, consider the following questions:
• How much and what water quality do I need?
• What supply and water quality can be expected?
• What depth will the bore need to go to?
• How much will it cost?
• What type of drilling rig will be needed?
• Where is the best bore site on my property?
• Do I need a permit to drill a bore?
• Do I need a license to take water?
• How should the bore be designed?
At Ozone Geoscience & Mining Exploration we provide answers and solutions to the above questions. We provide solutions for rural water supply for homes and agricultural uses.